About Dr. Mim

The Scientist Behind It All

Miriam Kleinman, Ph.D. (Dr. Mim), founder and inventor of Teava Skincare, is a beauty scientist who has spent years studying how our bodies work at the molecular level and how our surrounding environment affects us. Formally trained as a toxicologist, Dr. Mim has a special understanding of how chemicals truly interact with our bodies. She found it concerning that most of today’s skincare products known to be the “most effective” used chemical active ingredients that were often very harsh to the skin and ultimately the body.

During her studies, she found that different teas naturally contain many properties that studies have shown effectively treat skin conditions such as aging, acne, excess oil, sensitivity, dryness, rosacea and more. By using tea as the main active ingredient, Dr. Mim realized that each product would be dual-functional and able to treat a specific skin concern AND prevent premature aging with potent antioxidants.  Being a very busy woman, Dr. Mim LOVES multi-functional products that simplify her life and she became passionate about bringing this concept to the world. That was when Teava Skincare was born!

Dr. Mim received her Ph.D. in Toxicology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. She has presented her work at both regional and national scientific conferences and has received multiple universities and federal funding awards for her work. Dr. Mim and Teava Skincare have been featured on NBC, The Luxury Spot, Juli B, and in prestigious magazines such as Spa Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, 944 Magazine, Hour Magazine, StyleLine Magazine, GCI Business and many more.

Dr. Mim’s mission is to spread her own personal philosophy of living the most natural and healthy lifestyle possible. She is starting by helping men and women start with the products they put ON their skin every day.