Uncovering the Beauty Secrets of Tea

Teava Skincare is the world’s first advanced natural skincare line based entirely around the benefits of tea. Tea is well known for its anti-aging properties, but it has many other powerful, yet lesser known qualities. Tea contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and other properties that are essential for beautiful, healthy skin.

Teava Skincare is the ONLY company to bring you a complete line of tea skin care products. Each product is formulated using the tea that contains the unique benefits that solve problematic skin issues AND are anti-aging. Miriam Kleinman, PhD (Dr. Mim) set out to create a tea based skincare solution that was both natural and effective. Teava Skincare fulfills this promise in three ways:

  1. We use organic tea extracts that are specially dried and powdered to insure the highest quality and potency of our tea ingredients.
  2. We use our own proprietary formulations created by Dr. Mim herself that are designed to increase the delivery of active ingredients deep into the skin.
  3. We combine additional active ingredients to work synergistically with our teas for even greater effectiveness.

By looking at the science behind these beneficial leaves, Teava has developed innovative skincare solutions that solve two problems in one jar.

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