My Quickest Remedy for Pimples Under the Skin

Cystic acne is the term used for pimples under the skin and takes for-ev-ver to heal. They can be painful and stick around for weeks (up to 3 to 4 weeks!). Like any pimples, you want to get rid of it fast, but a pimple under the skin won’t skadoodle so easily. Here is my remedy for healing pimples under the skin quickly.

  1. Catch it EARLY. When it comes to acne you will hear me say this again and again. You can feel or see a pimple forming under the skin way before it appears. With a pimple that forms deep under the skin, you can usually feel it. The uncomfortable pressure begins to build. That is when you want to start treating the area. Start the second you notice something isn’t right.
  2. Use an acne spot treatment serum like Anti-Blemish. It’s natural active ingredients are delivered deep into the skin where the infection is brewing. Anti-bacterial properties in white tea and tea tree oil will begin to kill the bacteria that is causing the infection. This will stop the infection weeks earlier than if you let nature run its course. Also, white tea is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It will reduce the redness and swelling making it less noticeable and relieve the discomfort.

Finally, the acne spot treatment serum will draw out pimples to the surface, which will allow you to pop it (correctly!!!), remove the infection, and allow the healing process to begin. This will all take about 4-7 days, which is much quicker than the typical healing time of cystic acne of anywhere between 20-30 days.

Give it a try! You will thank me! Xoxo

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