Naturally Treat Hormonal Acne

How to naturally treat hormonal acneHormonal acne usually shows up as cystic acne along the chin and jawline. It can manifest as painful cystic acne that lasts for weeks and is quite embarrassing. Hormonal acne usually appears during times of hormone fluctuations, such as menstruation and pregnancy. Here are 3 ways to naturally treat hormonal acne.

  1. Milk must go! Milk is the #1 offender when it comes to hormonal acne. Whenever I speak to a client with hormonal acne my first question is about their milk consumption, which includes cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. The hormones that it takes the cow to produce milk get passed right along to you and our bodies do not need those hormones (not to mention the added hormones given to the cow to produce lots of milk). Switch to almond or rice milk products. They are much better for you anyways.
  1. Balance hormones with maca root (learn more about maca). Maca root is one of my personal favorite natural treatments for anything related to hormones. It is very effective and results can be seen within 2 weeks of beginning to take it. It comes in capsule form or in powder and can be added to a morning smoothie. Many people have had incredible results using maca root to get rid of hormonal acne. Some added benefits of maca root; it can give you an extra energy boost and increases fertility (so if you don’t want to get pregnant be extra careful).
  1. Use a bentonite clay face mask like Reveal | Clay Facial Mask for Acne Treatment a week before you typically notice hormonal breakouts begin to form. Hormonal breakouts tend to form when there is additional testosterone hanging around in the bloodstream. This causes the skin to produce extra sebum and this can clog the pore leading to an infection (acne). The bentonite clay face mask will draw out the excess sebum and prevent the pore from being clogged.
    Organic Acne Treatment Face Mask

Give these tips a try! You will thank me! Xoxo

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