How to Make Popped Pimples Heal Faster

Make Popped Pimples Heal FasterWe know we shouldn’t pop pimples, but sometimes we just can’t stop ourselves. Once you have popped that nasty pimple CORRECTLY, its time to heal it fast.

A popped pimple will form a crusty scab preventing air and nutrients from getting to the area, which slows the healing process. The goal is to keep the area moisturized with a nutrient and anti-inflammatory rich moisturizer. This will allow air, healing vitamins and minerals, and anti-inflammatory agents to reach the affected area and speed up the healing process.

After you pop the pimple, clean the area by soaking a clean cotton ball with a facial toner that contains yarrow and lavender hydrosol. Hold the soaked cotton ball over the popped pimple. The facial toner will gently disinfect the area and reduce the redness.


Then apply a small amount of a nutrient and anti-inflammatory rich moisturizer, like Clarify Organic Salicylic Acid Daily Moisturizer, to jump-start the healing process and prevent a scab from forming. Continue to apply moisturizer throughout the day to prevent the area from drying out. This will continue to nourish and sooth the skin to reduce redness and swelling of the skin heals.

Give it a try! You will thank me! Xoxo


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