Does Ice Help Shrink Pimples? Yes!

Surprisingly, ice is a secret pimple treatment and can shrink pimples very quickly. It is a simple, natural, and FREE home-remedy for pimples.

Ice can quickly shrink a pimples appearance. The cold reduces the swelling of a pimple helping it to shrink in size. With pimples now smaller, it will reduce the lifespan and speed up the healing process. It can also help to reduce the pain associated with cystic acne.

Here is how to use ice to fight pimples:

  1. Wash your face with an acne treating natural face wash, like Clear Facial Cleanser.
  1. Wrap an ice cube in a clean washcloth – never apply ice directly to the skin!
  1. Hold the wrapped ice cube on top of the pimples for about 60 seconds.
  1. Wait 5 minutes and then hold the ice cube on top of the pimples for another 60 seconds.
  1. Place a dab of an acne spot treatment serum onto the pimples, like Anti-Blemish.

Icing to shrink pimples to get rid of it fast is quick and easy. Best of all, you can do it anywhere since a cold can of soda works just as well!

Give it a try! You will thank me! Xoxo


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