How Drinking Water from a Copper Vessel Benefits Your Skin

Drinking water from a copper vessel is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition known as “tamara jal”, which literally translates to “copper water”. According to tradition, it has the ability to bring balance to the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha, and pitta). In addition to bringing balance, drinking copper water elicits a host of health benefits for your entire body and especially the health and appearance of your skin.


In ancient time, before our modern water filters, copper vessels were used for their antibacterial and antiviral properties (reference). Small amounts of copper ions leach into the water leaving it positively charged (alkaline), which prevents bacterial growth. In addition to cleaning our water, copper is considered an essential trace element. That means that our body requires it for proper function. That is why the practice of drinking copper water has been associated with boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, neurological improvements, and improving blood health.


Its benefits for the skin are also quite important. Copper is associated with slowing down the aging process and reducing fine lines by playing a crucial role in collagen and elastin production. Copper is required by an enzyme, lysyl oxidase, that allows collagen and elastin fibers to cross-link. In copper-deficient animal models, adding copper into their diet increased lysyl oxidase activity leading to more collagen and elastin production (reference).


In acne-prone skin, copper water can help to reduce acne breakouts by regulating thyroid hormones. If you have persistent hormonal acne that is difficult to treat, it may be from hypothyroidism. Copper plays an essential role in balancing thyroid function. Too little results in an under-active thyroid.

“[A] primary [cause of blemishes] is low thyroid function,” says Julia T. Hunter, MD. “Low thyroid function increases internal inflammation and often is seen in acne patients. Unless you treat this, your acne will be at best VERY difficult to eliminate and at worst will NOT [be eliminated], because the internal inflammation seems to activate your acne gene and you experience blemishes.”

Michelle Villett gives an excellent breakdown of how hypothyroidism results in acne, especially difficult adult acne. Does this sound like you? You could be copper deficient. Drinking copper water can help stimulate the thyroid preventing hypothyroidism and, in turn,  hormonal acne.

To practice tamara jal and prepare your copper water, fill your copper vessel with filtered water and place it on your nightstand before bed. When you wake up the next morning, drink your copper water before eating or drinking anything else.


I have really enjoyed making copper water a part of my morning routine. Plus my copper vessel from Copper H2O is so beautiful. I always get compliments when I take it on the go. You can find your own copper water bottle at Copper H2O.


With all that said, practicing tamara jal is not only good for your health and your skin, but for your spirit too. Plus the bottles are gorgeous. So drink up!

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